Come play in Midtbyens largest sandbox!

11. juni 2018

A city square filled with excavators and construction workers creates a lot of enthusiasm among the young ones. In the occasion of Martnan, all kids who visit Martnan are welcome to come play in Midtbyen´s largest sandbox, right next to the real excavators.

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME: Line Holm is excited to see great sandcastles and and other constructions in what will be Midtbyen´s largest sandbox. (Foto: Kathrine Krane // Midtbyen Management)

The sandbox will be 4 x 12 meters large, and has room for a lot of kids to come build and dig in the sand. Martnan will provide toys for the sandbox, but you are welcome to bring your own toys if you like.

Head of Martnan, Line Holm, is excited to see a lot of great sandcastles and digging techniques in the sandbox, and hopes many will come visit whilst on Martnan 26. – 28th of june.

How did the idea of creating Midtbyens largest sandbox come forward?

– In view of the work being done with the city square, it has been observed that a lot of kids who walk past the area with their parents become quite excited to watch the excavators on the construction site. We then thought that playing in a sandbox right next to the real excavators would be a lot of fun for kids, and that´s how the idea came forward, Line says.

What other activities can visitors of Martnan look forward to this year?

– We want to ensure that Martnan this year becomes a good experience for the whole family, for example by using nearby urban spaces in new ways, Line tells us. Outside Vår Frue Kirke (Our Lady church), the Summer Stage will be set up. On stage this year you can experience a broad program for the whole family, including magic shows, concerts and dance. Martnan will have well-known summer activities for both kids and adults, and in addition to a diverse cultural program, there will be pony rides, wandering in historical alleys, basse, ring toss, picnic in Stiftsgårdsparken, Kubb and face paint.

The sand for the sandbox is delivered by Ramlo Sandtak in Heimdal, and will be transported to Midtbyen by Trondheim Bydrift.

Martnan wish to give thanks to contributors and private operators who have contributed with toys to the sandbox.