For volunteers

As a volunteer, you contribute to the event’s implementation and success. You will also be part of a committed and socially team that likes to collaborate and appreciate the culture, food and music.

The registration form will be available in mars 2018.

Which workgroups can you joine?

Environmental patrol
Want the ability to move around the whole Martna area? Environmental patrol is responsible for the whole arena looking clean and neat, and that waste from the exsibitors is properly sorted. Empty the trash bins on site.

Stage host
Want to work with the cultural program on Martnan? Stage hosts is responsible for both prosperity and security around the stage. Keep the area clean and neat, give out cultural programs and ensure that both the public and artists have the best possible experience.

Exhibitor host
Want to be a delight for the exhibitors? Exhibitor hosts hands out coffee, answer questions form the exsibitors and take requests to the information tent.

Voluntary base
Want to serve food and care for all the volunteers? Working on the voluntary base involves the preparation of lunch and dinner for those who work on Martnan.

Promo team
Want to spread the work about Martnan? Promotion jobs are mainly before Martnan with distributing prgram and hanging up posters.

Want to take great shots of Martnan? With the consent of the photographer we share images in social media before and during the entire Martnan.

Collections for the volunteers

Kick off
Location: Midtbyen Management, Nordre gate 11, 4th floor.
Time: Thursday, June 1st at 18:00.
We meet for a few hours to go through this years Martnan and which grupes you can join as a volunteer. This is for both those who have already decided to participate, and for those who are curious and want some more information. An opportunity for nice reunion and inclusion of new volunteers.

The day before the day
Location: On the New and festival base at the market square
Time: Monday June 19th at 18:00
This is the last and the only mandatory information meeting for all volunteers who are working on Martnan. We will distribute t-shirts, accreditation cards and volunteer handbook. We will also review the security arena, Q6A, possible situations that may arise and how to solve them the best possible way.

Benefits and obligations

We what your experience at Martnan to be as nice as possible.

What benefits do I get as a volunteer?

  • Martnas T-shirt and accreditation cards
  • Food and drink while on duty
  • Those who work three shifts or more gets a surprise
  • Social lunch after Martnan is finished
  • Written certificate

Martnans obligations

  • Organizer is obliged to let you know when and where to meet up.
  • Organizer is obliged to provide necessary information about the work you perform.
  • Organizer is obliged to provide information about the contact person who is responsible for the area you’ll be working with.
  • Organizer is obliged to facilitate a good working environment, and food and drink for you that / those days you work.

Volunteers commitments

  • As a volunteer, you are committed to working contracted hours.
  • As a volunteer, you are obliged to meet precisely the work sessions. In the absence shall promptly notify the volunteer responsible or liable contact person for your area.
  • As a volunteer expects organizer that you contribute as best you can, and help to create a good working environment.
  • As a volunteer, you should not give statements to the press on behalf of the organizer.
  • Martnan shirt should you wear when you are at work.

When you submit a volunteer application, you accept the terms. If you wish to withdraw your application as a volunteer, please send an email to urgently.

We are incredibly grateful for the efforts the volunteers put down, and hope everyone gets a pleasant experience in the volunteer-staff.