Benefits and obligations

Benefits and obligations

We what your experience at Martnan to be as positive as possible.

What benefits do I get as a volunteer?

  • Martnas T-shirt and accreditation cards
  • Food and drink while on duty
  • Those who work three shifts or more gets a surprise
  • Social lunch after Martnan is finished
  • Written certificate

Martnans obligations

  • Organizer is obliged to let you know when and where to meet up.
  • Organizer is obliged to provide necessary information about the work you perform.
  • Organizer is obliged to provide information about the contact person who is responsible for the area you’ll be working with.
  • Organizer is obliged to facilitate a good working environment, and food and drink for you that / those days you work.

Volunteers commitments

  • As a volunteer, you are committed to working contracted hours.
  • As a volunteer, you are obliged to meet precisely the work sessions. In the absence shall promptly notify the volunteer responsible or liable contact person for your area.
  • As a volunteer expects organizer that you contribute as best you can, and help to create a good working environment.
  • As a volunteer, you should not give statements to the press on behalf of the organizer.
  • Martnan shirt should you wear when you are at work.

When you submit a volunteer application, you accept the terms. If you wish to withdraw your application as a volunteer, please send an email to urgently.

We are incredibly grateful for the efforts the volunteers put down, and hope everyone gets a pleasant experience in the volunteer-staff.