For exhibitors

For exhibitors

Welcome to Martnan in Trondheim 23.-25. June 2020. We invite you to three festive days with a myriad of trade and culture in Trondheim. Martnan symbolize the start of the summer holidays and the wonderful city summer. Over 100,000 visitors and about 200 exhibitors attend Martna each year.

 Maps and location are still under construction and will be published in March 2020.

Read through the information below before submitting an application for a stall on Martnan

  • Link to the registration form
  • In the form, select your category and fill in the fields for product description.
  • Martnan processes all applications and will allocate stalls for the exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors are placed in categories.
  • Rules and regulations must be read carefully before submitting the application, as this must be confirmed as read and understood.
  • Registration is open as long as there are stalls available.

Categories If you book space for a category where your products do not belong, we the administration, will change the selected category to a correct one. Therefore, please note this when applying for a stall. The main categories for Martnan 2019 are:

  • Food and other goodies
  • House, cottage and recreation
  • Costumes, jewelry and gadgets
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories for children and adults
  • Health and well being
  • Farmer’s market
  • Environment and recycling
  • Handcraft, arts and crafts
  • Community organizations

Payment information will be given together with the approval of applications. After May 1, registration is binding and it is not possible to get the payment refunded. Changes after May 1 gives a surcharge of 25%. Opening hours Martnan have opening hours from. From 11.00 to 19.00 every three days. Tent To increase the quality and safety of Martnan all stalls comes with a pre-assembled tent. Exceptions includes the Farmer’s market, category of Community organizations and sales cars / wagons, huts and like. Culture The Martnan stage will be the venue for concerts and children’s activities during Martnan.  Guidelines of Tax Central Norway All exhibitors are obliged to familiarize themselves and comply with regulations concerning the documentation of cash revenue. The rules described in Tax Central Norway brochure «Martna Sales».