Practical information

Application form 2018
The square will be rebuilt and will not be the arena for Martnan in 2018 and 2019. In these two years, Martnan will be found in Munkegata and Kongens gate.

Inquiry on Martna Area and application form will be sent by e-mail and published on in March 2018.

Information tent
Opening hours:
Monday 25 June at 16:00 – 22:00.
Tuesday 26 June at 08.00 – 19.30.
Wednesday 27 June at 10.00 – 19.30.
Thursday 28 June at 10.00 – 19.30.

Rigging / disassembly
Preperations on site can start no earlier than Monday June 25th at. 4:00 p.m.. Keep in mind that all stalls come with tents, exception for Farmers market, stalls for sales cars and teams and organizations.
Goods transport at the area must only take place before 10.30 AM and after kl. 7:00 PM. There is no driving at the area between 10.30 AM and 7.00 PM.
Disassembly starts Thursday 28 th June at 7.00 PM (not before). All equipment has to be removed away from the Martna area by 10.00 PM.

Opening hours
11.00 – 19.00. All exhibitors are required to stay open throughout the opening hours. Exhibitors who start the disassembly before closing time will be fined and will not be given a stall in 2019.

There is security at the arena every night from Tuesday at. 21:00 until Thursday at 19:00. All exhibitors are responsible for their own goods and, if applicable, their own insurance.

Noise from the Martnas scene
Exhibitors who have been given a stall near the stage will be affected by sound to a greater extent than others. If you have feedback about the sound level, please contact the information tent.

The stall shall be kept throughout the period. No one is permitted to change location/stall during the market and sublease is not permitted.

If you need more power than you originally ordered, change this easily at Remember to do this by June 15th.

Product eelection
The items sold must be in line with the organizer’s approval and guidelines. We especially remind you that the sale of weapons / weapon imitations, spaghetti spray and «knall» is strictly prohibited. Toys must be CE approved.

Your trash is to be thrown in containers in Shultz street v / Vår Frue strete, or in a container at the informationtent. All exhibitors are responsible for waste management around their own stalls throughout Martnan, also at disassembly. If cleanup is not completed after the last day of sale, and the organizer must clean up the stall for you, exhibits will be billed 1000, – ex. VAT. for this. Own containers for lard are located in Shultz street v. Vår Frue strete.

Cleaning station
A wash with water access can be found at the information tent.

Must be read carefully by all exhibitors: Regulations can be read here.
Violation of regulations may result in expulsion from Martnan without any refund.

There are toilets with hand basin by the information tent, as well as toilets on the 2nd floor at the Hornemansgården, entrance closest to Our Lady Church can be used.

Fire extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are placed around the Martnan, see orange markings on the maps. Exhibitors who use gas/fryer/lard/grill will receive an e-mail with information about extinguishing equipment. All exhibitors are required to have their own fire extinguisher.

Propane at your stall is only allowed during opening hours 11.00AM – 7.00PM. Propane is to be removed from the area when the market closes for the day. Propane should be stored in suitable cabinets during opening hours and not covered by clothing, equipment, etc.

Rema 1000
If you need large quantities of goods from Rema 1000 at Torvet, you must pre-order this: e-mail To goods from Tine this has to be done before 10:45 AM for delivery the next day.

Cold Storage
Contact for storage space in refrigeration hanger.

Tables / chairs, additional bookings can be made at by June 15th.

Parking of vehicles in the Martna area is not allowed.
Cars must be parked in a parking garage or in regular parking spaces. There are longitudinal parking spaces in etc. Kjøpmannsgata, Our Lady Strete, Our Lady Street, Erling Skakkes Street, Bispegata and Fjordgata.
Only exhibitors who have booked space for sales cars can park these within an assigned space in the Martna area, serticifates will be given at the information tent. These cars must be parked at the area throughout the period and can not be moved until Martnan is over.

Other exhibitors who place vehicles on the site without permission will be fined and / or expelled. It is not allowed to park on the sidewalks, drive up to the stall trough the street. Trondheim Parking will carry out checks on the site, any requests from traffic officers must be followed.

Service car park – «SMS park»
Trondheim Parking has a SMS solution for vans used as service cars. This is for those who need to be parked in addition to allowed p-time (3 hours) and refrigerated cars that have ordered power.

How to use «SMS park»

First, the company must register as SmartPark Business. You can do this here:
Enter password TPS and the vehicle registration number, this will be sent to 2470. Example: TPS VF12345. You will receive a receipt. The parking costs aproximately 235 kroner and lasts 24 hours. This parking can only be purchased for a day at a time. Check is made when the traffic officer checks the car’s registration number. This solution applies to regular parking spaces as well as P-houses.
Remember: If you do not have a logo on your car, you can pick up Martna’s proof in Martnan’s parking lot to be clearly visible in the windshield on the car.

Other parking solutions
In addition to SMS-Park for service car, there are solutions that you can pay with Smart Park App and SMS. Read more about these solutions:

Gategrunnsleie for parking: Contact Trondheim Parking at Leûtenhaven to pre-pay parking for the entire period.

Where can you park?
The nearest P-house is at the Torvet and Leüthenhaven, there are also a number of other P-houses. An overview of the number of vacancies available in P-houses can be found at at any time. It is not possible to reserve space for parking, even if you use a service car park or a «gategrunnsleie» rental. Nearest area organized for motor homes is at Nyhavna / Dora.

Parking with elecktricity
There is a limited number of parking spaces with power available at Martnan. Here you will pay the parking-fee at Trondheim Parking. Please contact for power orders.

Martnan in Trondheim 2018 is marketed through the following channels:, online booking guide.
Ad page in Addressavisen.
On Martnans own facebook page, and own advertising in social media
Martnans own website,
Through its own cultural leaflets and posters distributed in the city center.
Poster towers.