Rules and regulations

Rules for exhibitors

The rules are made to make sure that Martnan is run in an efficient and safe way. We want a pleasant event and good sales for all our exhibitors. All exhibitors must accept the rules and regulations.

1. Application and payment
Application and payment takes place exclusively on our website. When Martnan confirmes the application, an email will be sent with payment information. We do not accept cancellations or refunds after May 1st. Even if an exhibitor has booked and paid, Martnan may reject the exhibitor, see section 3 and 6. If this happens, the exhibitor will get a full refund. If Martnan, due to force majeure, unexpected events; fire, flood or other disasters, cannot be held, the exhibitors will not get a refund.

2. Rigging and opening hours
Martnan is held June 20. – 22. at 11.00 a.m. – 07.00 p.m. All exhibitors must be at their stalls during opening hours. Registration and rigging begins at 4.00 p.m. Monday June 19th 2017. The exhibitors must keep their stall(s) open until June 22th at 7.00 p.m. All exhibitors must have left the market area with their belongings before 22 p, on June 22nd.

3. Products
Sale of other products than registered in the booking process is not allowed. An application for a stand within the wrong category will be edited to the correct category by Martnan. Martnan does not allow sale of any kind of weapons, toys without GE markings or spaghetti spray. Sale/distribution of offensive products is not allowed. To ensure diversity and product variation, we can reject applications if there are too many of the same products/category. Anyone involved in the production of food must be registered or approved by Mattilsynet. Martnan can request pictures of products and additional product specification.

4. Places/stalls
Each place/stall at Martnan is 3×3 square meters, no exceptions. All stals (exept The French market, Bondens marked, Voluntary groups and organizations, and mobile sales vagons) comes with a tent. All constructions, hangers and such must be limited to the rented space. Damage on rented tents will be repaired at the exhibitor’s expense. It is not allowed to rent out our leave the stall to a third party. It is not allowed to use another place/stall than the one(s) booked. All exhibitors receive a receipt by e-mail when payment is completed. This receipt must be shown upon arrival to Martnan in order to receive an exhibitor’s ID. All places/stalls come with 300W electricty. If the exhibitor needs more power, the correct amount must be chosen during the booking process. Additional power ordered after may 1st will be charged 25% extra for the cost of power. All places/stalls will have power access June 20th at 08.00 a.m. Places/stalls who are not in use on June 20th at 02.00 p.m. can freely be used by Martnan, unless other arrangements has been made.

5. Parking
It is not allowed to park in the market area at any time. Martnan does not offer a parking space to the exhibitors. The exhibitors must make their own arrangements outside the area with Trondheim Parkering. We will send you additional information about parking at a later stage.

6. Vehicles
All vehicles are forbidden at the market area. If Martnan judges a car not to be a proper sales car, the exhibitor will be asked to leave Martnan or get the application rejected. If an exhibitor with a car does not have a permit, the car will be towed and the exhibitor must leave Martnan. Merchandise can be transported in and out of the area by car before 11.00 a.m. and after 07.00 p.m.

7. Safety
All tents at Martnan is made of fire proof material. When using barbecue and/or deep frying pans, the correct fire extinguishers must be at hand at all times, and the barbeque placed outside the tent. Martnan must be notified about barbecue/frying at the time of registration, as particular rules applies to these exhibitors (must have extinguishers/roof). The exhibitors must obey Martnans restrictions regarding fire safety.

Roofs must be in a proper height from the grill. Charcoal grills should be light up outside the tent area, and far from buildings.

For the storage and use of gas a  risk assessment is reuired (which should be easily accessible for inspection where the gas is stored/used), and necessary measures should be implemented.

When using a fryer can that hold more than 8 liters of deep fluid(even if sepereated by two containers), an automatic fire extinguishing systems must be installed over the deep fat fryer. Exhibitors are required to comply by Martnans injunctions in relation to fire safety.

Martnan has security on the area, but the exhibitors are responsible for their own products and belongings, and appropriate insurance of these.


8. Hygiene and waste
The exhibitors who are selling food and drinks must follow Mattilsynet’s guidelines. The exhibitors to whom this applies will receive additional information from Martnan. Martnan will notify Mattilsynet about which exhibitors are selling food/drinks. Exhibitors who are selling food/drinks must have their own waste can. Martnan will provide a container, a sufficient amount of waste cans and has staff who will work to keep the area clean. All exhibitors are responsible for keeping their own stall(s) clean and free of waste. Waste from the stalls must be emptied in Martnan’s container. If Martnan must handle waste from a stall, the exhibitor will be charged with a fee.

9. Conduct
To make sure all attendings have a good experience at Martnan we expect a polite conduct from all exbihitors. Stands shall not be staffed with anyone under the influence. Salestaff/exhibitoners must comply any orders given from Martnan, for example adjusting soundlevel.

10. Banishment
Exhibitors who does not follow Martnan’s rules and guidelines will receive a written warning. If the exhibitor still does not obey the rules/guidelines, the exhibitor will be asked to leave the area without any monetary refund. The exhibitor will not be welcome at Martnan 2017.

11. Sales report
It is mandatory for all exhibitors to report on sales income after Martnan. Martnan will facilitate where and how you can send in this report.

12. Other rules
The exhibitors must know and follow the rules regarding documentation of trade with cash. The rules are described in Skatt Midt-Norge’s brochure: ”Martnassalg”, which can be found at: Exhibitors who wish to have a lottery are responsible for notifying Lotteri- og stiftelsestilsynet. All use of speakers/CD-players is forbidden, unless used for product demonstration.