Ofte stilte spørsmål og svar

How do I apply for a place/stall at Martnan in Trondheim?
You use our online application form. The registration will open on March 1st and applications will be processed on a continuous basis.

When can I expect a response to my application?
Applications are processed on a continuous basis and you can expect answers by April 1st.

How does placement of exhibitors work?
When you complete the application form, you can wish for three different placements in priority order. The organizer processes all applications and places exhibits in the area according to their best ability and wishes of the exhibitor. The sooner you sign up, the greater the chance to get the desired location.

What is the difference between regular place/stall, corner stall and end stall?
At regular stalls you have exhibitors on both sides of you and you only have one sales site. On a corner stall you have only one exhibitor next to you and two sales sites. On a end stall you have only one exhibit next to you and potentially two sales sites, but in Munkegata the end stalls are often against a tree or sign that prevents full access on two sales pages. This site is often used to promote and display your products.

What products are approved under the category «Arts and crafts»?
The products should be of high quality and small scale produced. Although the products are designed by the exhibitor themselves, they do not automatically meet Martnan’s criteria for this category. It is a assessment of the entire production process.

What is included in the stall?
All regular stalls are 3×3 meters and come with ready-made tent and 300W power. Exceptions for tent are French Market, the Farmer’s Market, volunteer organizations, or if you have your own white tent with approved fire-retardant material. Stall space for decorated sales cars comes without a tent. Information on extra orders such as tables, benches og refrigerators can be found in the rate list.

Why is the City Square not used for this year’s Martnan?
The City Square is closed of due to extensive rehabilitation. All major events that usually use the City Square must find alternative venues during this period, Martnan as well. It is expected that the City Square will be opened again for events in December 2019.

Why did my application for exhibition space not get approved?
Refusal of application may be to inadequates in the application, products that do not comply with Martnan’s regulations, previous warnings/rejections, or fully booked product category. For more explanation please contact us on phone 417 46 100.