10 things to look forwards to at Martnan

We can’t wait for Martnan bring Torvet to life and fill it with summer vibes. Here are the 10 things we are most excited for!

1. Fun and unique shopping experiences

Vendors from all over gather at Torvet and the surrounding area to sell their specialties at Martnan. Whether it be clothes, jewelry, food or handicrafts, you can find it here! You can truly spend hours exploring all sorts of goods at Martnan. 

Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

2. Local foods

In the eastern part of Kongens gate you’ll find the Local Food Street, a street dedicated to food with local origins from all over Norway! You can read more about this here. Remember to show up hungry so you have room to try as many foods as possible! 

3. Chilling at Oasen. 

Milkshakes, sodas and ultimate summer vibes. At Martnan’s new outdoor serving spot you’ll be able to kick back and relax with a refreshing bev and enjoy a well deserved break from the hustle and bustle. 

4. Record attempt at ice bathing

on thee 22. June Bjørn will attempt to set a new norwegian record in ice bathing at Torvet in Trondheim! He’ll then fill up a 1000 liter bath of water that will be cooled down to 1 degree Celsius. Here he’ll attempt to sit for a minimum of 65 minutes.

5. Summer tunes from young DJ’s

From 12-4pm on the 23.-25. June Torvet will be filled with music from young female DJ’s facilitated by AKKS! Funky beats and immaculate summer vibes are guaranteed.

6. Basketball at Torvet

Trondheim Basket will set up two basketball courts at Martnan and give you and your friends the opportunity to test your skills throughout the entire martna!

7. Flamenco dance on Thursday and Friday

Flamenco dancers will take the stage from 6-7pm on the 23. and 24. June and bring you Spanish rhythms and passionate dance. Don’t miss out on this one!

8. Alley tours in Midtbyen

Trondheim guide tours will organize guided tours in both Norwegian and English throughout the alleys of Midtbyen. Learn some historical facts, explore the city and get to know new people!

Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

9. Food trucks and handheld snacks

The scent of freshly cooked snacks and a selection of ready to eat foods from a selection of vendors and food trucks at Martnan is a must! Kebabs, spring rolls and waffles are just some of the tasty treats you’ll be able to try.

Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

10. Summer vibes and happy people

Activities, music, refreshments and shopping. Everything that Martnan involves contributes to creating the magical vibes and bustling crowds at Torvet. And that might just be what we’re the most excited for out of all of it.