Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are made to ensure that Martnan is run in an efficient and safe way. We wish for a pleasant event and good sales for all our exhibitors. All exhibitors must accept the rules and regulations. 

Prices for Martnan 2022 can be found HERE
You can apply to become a vendor HERE

Bump in and opening hours

The opening hours of the event are 21. – 25. June 11am – 7pm All exhibitors are required to be in place during opening hours. Bump in starts at 12pm Monday 20. June 2022. Bump out cannot start until 25th June 7pm. All vendors are required to have left the premises and emptied out their stall by 10pm on the last day of trade. All waste is to be removed from the arena and transported to garbage containers. If this is not done the a fee of 1500kr will be incurred.

If you are sold out of products, the vendor is to place a “sold out” sign on the stall, and wait to pack up and bump out until after 7 pm. If the event organiser registers bump out prior to 7pm on the last day of trade a fee of 1500kr will be incurred.


Sale of other products than registered in the application are not allowed. The organizer decides whether the category specified in the application matches the product description. Martnan does not allow sale of any kind of weapons, toys without GE markings, mylar balloons or spaghetti spray. The sale / distribution of items that may appear offensive / provocative is prohibited. Martnan may request product images and additional product specification. If a vendor is found to be breaking these rules, they will have to leave the market and the participant fee will not be refunded.

Exhibitors are responsible for following the rules of purchase and sale, providing necessary notices and permissions from public authorities where this is required. Everyone involved in the production of food must be registered or approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Read the rules and regulations from the Food Safety Authority here:  https://www.mattilsynet.no/mat_og_vann/matservering/kortvarig_salg_av_mat/messer_og_festivaler.149

The vendor is obliged to comply with the official rules on cash flow documentation. If a vendor wishes to organize a lottery, they themselves are required to notify The Norwegian Gambling and Foundation Authority.

Read the rules for cash flow documentation here: https://www.altinn.no/starte-og-drive/regnskap-og-revisjon/regnskap/kontantsalg-og-kassasystem/

In order to ensure diversity and product variations, Martnan reserves the right to reject applications. 

Market stalls

Alle stalls are 3, 6 or 9x3m and include a tent. This does not include stands reserved for teams, organisations and food trucks.

 All constructions, racks for clothes and such must be limited to the rented space. Exemptions to this rule are barbeques (read Safety regulations) Any damages to the tent rented from the organiser will be repaired on the vendors expense. Vendors are not allowed to lend/rent out their spot to a third party. You are not to use any other space than the one allocated.

Stalls not taken into service at the opening hour of the market may be freely disposed by Martnan unless otherwise is agreed and may not be used freely by other vendors.

In order to ensure a well-functioning arena the organiser reserves the right to allocate spots to vendors. A vendors final location at the market is non negotiable.


Alle stands include a 300W power outlet. Should a vendor require additional power they are required to include this in their application. Power is to be pre-paid along with the stand fee. If separate extension cables / electrical equipment are to be used, this must be adapted for outdoor use. Vendors are not permitted to use more power than has been pre-notified as this may lead to power outages and downtime for all vendors. Should the vendor have additional power requirements they are required to notify the organiser.


Parking on the arena is strictly prohibited. Martnan cannot offer parking for vendors, and vendors are responsible for finding their own regulated parking space outside of the arena. Information on parking in Trondheim will be sent to vendors via email.


All vehicles are prohibited on the arena. Permission for parking will only be given to exhibitors with food trucks. Transportation of goods is only permitted prior to 11am and after 7pm. Transportation of goods is to be limited to solely moving goods in and out of the transporting vehicle.


All vendors must ensure accessibility for emergency vehicles. Under no circumstances may anyone park on the sidewalk or block access roads for emergency vehicles.

Exhibitors are required to comply with the organizer’s injunction in accordance with fire safety. All exhibitors are required to have at least one fire extinguisher at their stall. It should be available throughout the event.

All tents at Martnan is made of fire proof material. The use of coal grills, gas grills and fryers must be reported to Martnan in the application form. This requires approved extinguishing equipment at hand at all times. All kinds of grills are to be placed out side of the tent in a pre-approved location (limited no. spots available).

Gas grill 

To store and use propane; a risk assessment must be made by the exhibitor (which must be available for inspection where the propane is stored / used) and necessary security measures must be taken. Vendors are not permitted to store propane at the stall outside the opening hours. 


Deep fryers are required to be in good stand at all times, and must be checked and confirmed to be in compliance with fire safety regulations. A fire extinguisher speicifically suited for deep fryers is required.

Security There will be security at the arena from monday. The organizer holds no responsibility for the exhibitor´s goods / equipment, exhibitors are responsible for their own products and assets, and any insurance for these. 

Hygiene and waste 

Vendors who sell food items must comply with the guidelines of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The organizer will report to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority which vendors will be trading food items at the market. Vendors who sell food are required to have their own waste bin. All vendors are responsible for cleaning in and around their own stalls. Waste must be disposed in designated bins. If the vendor fails to remove waste from the stall a fee will be incurred and the vendor will be billed for the removal of waste.
Martnan will provide a waste container, a sufficient amount of waste cans for the public to use and will have staff working to keep the area clean for the duration of the event.

Vendors are not permitted to stay in the stall overnight or park at the area after opening hours. 


Midtbyen Management do not under any circumstances accept racism, harrasment, discrimination, sexual harassment. Vendors who are found to be participating in such behaviours will be immediately expelled from the premises, lose their spot as a vendor and refused further participation at Midtbyen Management’s events. They will also be removed from marketing materials and/or exposure on social media.

When forming a contract with Martnan, the vendor accepts that such a reaction will not entitle vendors to the reimbursment of fees or any other means of compensation. A routine report to the local police will also be made.

Sales report 

It is mandatory for all vendors to report on sales income after the conclusion of the event. The organizer facilitates reporting and an evaluation form will be sent out shortly after the event.


Should you have a complaint related to the application process you shall, within reasonable time, notify Midtbyen Management AS directly via email or letter that you wish to report a complaint. Midtbyen Management will then proceed to give you further information about the complaint process.


Cancellation must be done prior to 6. May. If canceled prior to this date all paid fees, with the exception of the registration fee, will be refunded. If a cancellation occurs after 6. May, or in case of a no-show, all charges must be paid in full, regardless of the reason for cancellation. If the places/stalls have not been taken into use at the time of the opening of the market, the organizer reserves the right to rent the space to others.

Force majeure

Should Martnan be subject to a force majeure; Unforeseen circumstances such as fire, flood or similar, and as a result cannot be carried out, the amount paid will not be refunded. 

Personal information 

Midtbyen Management AS processes personal data according to the Personal Data Act and GDPR rules and regulation. Information that may be associated with you as a person will never be made available to other businesses or be linked to other external records.