What to expect from Martnan 2022

Martnan is so much more than vendor stalls. Here you’ll be able to try instruments, see record attempts in ice bathing and play basketball at Torvet!

This year Torvet will once again be filled with summery vibes and a vibrant selection of vendors in a multitude of categories. This years Martna will for the first time ever last for five whole days, from 21.-25. June. 

Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

Go treasure hunting among the many vendors at Torvet and in Munkegata while enjoying the smells and flavors of freshly cooked handheld foods. This year features a varied selection of goods, and you’ll be able to find everything from jewelry to candy and electronics. Explore local foods in Kongens gate east, and do some people watching while chilling at Oasen, the new outdoor chill-out spot at Martnan where you can also buy refreshments. Don’t miss out on the great vibes and exciting activities at the heart of Trondheim!

The Local Food Street

Local food and local produces has gotten a lot of attention amongst the people of Trøndelag in 2022. This is partly because Trondheim and Trøndelag has been named the European Region of Gastronomy in 2022. In order to pay homage to local producers from all over he country Martnan will this year introduce the Local Food Street in the eastern part of Kongens gate. In one part of the street you’ll be able to find producers from the European food region of Trondheim, and in the other you can find food and drinks of local origins from other parts of the country. In this street you’ll be able to enjoy hams, sausages, award winning cheeses and more!

Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

Instrument Carousel, basket ball and alley tours.

There’s more to martnan than just shopping, it’s also the place for making memories! On 21. and 22. June children can participate in an instrument carousel organized by AKKS at Torvscenen. Here you can test out different instruments together with an instructor.
AKKS is an idealistic organization working for equality and gender balance in the Norwegian music scene. To further this they will also set up a lineup of young female DJ’s from 12-4pm on 23.-25. June. These DJ’s will fill Torvet with cool tunes and great vibes!

Photo: Wil Lee-Wright

Additionally, people of any age can have a great time together playing basketball at Martnan. Midtbyen Basket will set up two basketball courts at Torvet and give you the opportunity to test your basket skills.

If you’re not a sporty spice, alley tours organized by Trøndelag Guide Team might be more “up your alley”! Explore the alleys around the old town square, learn exciting historical facts along with others who share your interests. The tours are organized twice per day during Martnan, each lasting for 40 minutes, and one of each daily tour will be in english. 

Oasen – Martnan’s new outdoor serving spot

In addition to old classics and exciting activities, this year’s martna also features some newcomers! One of these news being the fun, fresh and fabulous serving spot Oasen. This is the perfect spot for you to kick back and relax after a hot and hectic day at Martnan! Oasen features a nice, chill area where you can buy yourself a refreshing drink and enjoy a tasty treat from one of the popular food trucks nearby.

Record attempt at ice bathing – 22. June

Bjørn the ice bather is planning on setting a new Norwegian record in ice bathing! After swimming for long distances and taking ice baths of up to 50 minutes he is planning on beating the Norwegian record at Torvet in Trondheim during Martnan. On the 22. June he’ll fill up a bath og 1000 litres of water, bring it down to a chilling 1 degree Celsius and attempt a bath of at least 65 minutes. With him he has a conferencier who will provide updates throughout, and an ice bathing instructor who can help answer any questions and concerns for those who are curious about ice bathing.

Bjørn the ice bather will attempt to break the Norwegian record in ice bathing on the 22. June.

In other words you can find a multitude of activities, great vibes and loads of fun at Torvet during Martnan. This is an event you don’t want to miss out on! Remember to check the program in advance at martnan.no and plan your trip to Martnan.